Branwell, the only son of the Brontës, has always been written out of the family’s story as a drunken wastrel: even his self-portrait has been expunged from the painting of his sisters. In the bicentenary of his birth, Brontë biographer, Juliet Barker, argues that it is time to reassess Branwell and acknowledge the pivotal role he played in his sisters’ creative lives.

From a young age, Patrick Branwell Brontë appeared to share much of his sisters’ talent. As well as writing prose and poetry, Branwell was a painter and supported himself by painting portraits for the wealthy elite of Bradford. Drifting between jobs and suffering the humiliation of a failed relationship, Branwell gave in to drug and alcohol addiction and died at the young age of 31.

Join Juliet Barker, an internationally recognised expert on the Brontë family, for an authoritative account of Branwell’s life; a revealing and enlightening discussion about an oft-overlooked member of the Brontë family.

About The Speaker

Juliet Barker

Juliet Barker is an internationally recognised authority on the Brontës. A former curator and librarian of the Brontë Parsonage Museum at Haworth, she is author of the seminal biography The Brontës. Her ability to combine groundbreaking scholarly research with a highly readable style has made her one of Britain’s most popular historians.