Storyteller and author Salma Hasan Ali’s limited edition book 30 Days: Stories of Gratitude, Traditions, and Wisdom is a testament to the power of sharing personal stories. What started a decade ago as a blog during Ramadan grew into an international storytelling platform that connects people of all backgrounds around things we universally value.

Inspired by the interest in her book, Salma now launches her 30 Days Journal, where you can capture your own personal stories. Following daily prompts, after 30 days you will have a treasure trove of stories as a keepsake. Handmade by artisans with exquisite artwork, the journal will spark conversations between young and old, strangers and friends, and families of all traditions.

In this session, we’ll talk about the power of our stories, how sharing personal stories helps us form deeper connections, as well as tips for starting your own storytelling tradition.

About The Author

Salma Hasan Ali

Salma Hasan Ali is a storyteller, author, consultant, and nonprofit leader. She uses the power of stories to bring people together, inspire kindness and service, and reveal a person’s purpose. Salma’s limited-edition handmade book 30 Days: Stories of Gratitude, Traditions, and Wisdom, captures personal stories of Muslims around the world, including photographer Peter Sanders, restaurateur Asma Khan, and musician Ali Keeler.  Her 30 Days Journal enables people to write their own keepsake book of personal stories. As Principal of SHA Storytelling, Salma helps people develop, write, and market their own narratives for both personal and professional use. In her volunteer capacity, she is the Chief Inspiration Officer of KindWorks, a nonprofit that promotes volunteerism, and Vice Chair of the Concordia Forum. She was a finalist for the 2019 March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award. Salma’s website is; you can follow her latest blog, humanKIND, on Instagram @salma.hasan.ali.