In The Science of Life and Death in Frankenstein, acclaimed author Sharon Ruston examines the wild theories, the furious debates and the eye-watering experiments in reanimation that created Frankenstein and its monster.

How did the science and medicine of the day and her own personal losses shape Mary Shelley’s 1818 Gothic masterpiece? 

Join Sharon Ruston for a deep dive into the life and times of Victor Frankenstein. A must-see event for all fans of Shelley’s perennially popular classic.


About The Author

Sharon Ruston

Sharon Ruston taught at Salford University, Keele University, and the University of Wales, Bangor, previous to her appointment in 2013 as Chair of Romanticism at Lancaster University. She has published Shelley and Vitality (2005), Romanticism: An Introduction (2007), Creating Romanticism: Case Studies in the Science, Literature and Medicine of the 1790s (2013), and co-edited the four-volume edition of Sir Humphry Davy’s Collected Letters for Oxford University Press (2020). She is currently leading an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project to transcribe all of Davy’s notebooks.