As part of our events series celebrating the Jubilee, hear from three of the foremost royal commentators. The Secret Royals shares the previously-unexplored relationship between the royal family and the British intelligence community – one that began with a foiled attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria and spans the Russian revolution, the abdication of Edward VII – all the way to Princess Diana and beyond.

In a conversation chaired by former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond, the book’s authors, Richard Aldrich and Rory Cormac, will highlight original research and new evidence, taking us behind the curtain to a hidden world where the monarchy still calls the shots regarding the country’s Secret Service.

About The Chair

Headshot of broadcaster Jennie Bond smiling on a couch next to an open window

Jennie Bond

Broadcaster and journalist Jennie Bond appears regularly on a wide range of television and radio programmes – from light entertainment to documentaries.

As the BBC’s Royal Correspondent during 14 of the most turbulent years the monarchy has endured, Jennie was at the heart of events that made headlines around the world: from the fairy-tale marriages to the adultery, the divorces and the deaths.

Since then she has become a presenter on two of the BBC’s most popular shows: Cash in the Attic, and Rip Off Britain.  She also presented the highly successful BBC2 series Great British Menu.

Other projects include: Royals at War, Masterchef, Too Many Cooks, Stars in the Fast Cars, The Big Call and Jennie’s own personal account

About The Authors

Headshot of Richard J Aldrich

Richard J Aldrich

Richard J. Aldrich is a Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick. A regular commentator on war and espionage, he has written for The Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph. He is a prize-winning author of several books, including The Hidden Hand and GCHQ. 

Headshot of author Rory Cormac

Rory Cormac

Rory Cormac is a Professor of International Relations specialising in Secret Intelligence and Covert Action at the University of Nottingham. He is the author of Disrupt and Deny and co-author, with Richard J. Aldrich, of The Black Door.