The history of the Sephardim of Yorkshire is a story that we are only just discovering from people’s memories and family histories.

The roots of Yorkshire’s Sephardi community are found in the merchants from Turkey who settled in Leeds in the first decades of the 20th century, the Iraqi Jews who moved to Scarborough, and the Egyptian Jews who arrived as refugees in Bradford and Leeds in 1956 after the Suez Crisis. 

Join local historian Nigel Grizzard for a fascinating insight into the Jews from the Middle East who made their homes in Yorkshire and the varied lives and businesses they created, from carpets and textiles to kiss-me-quick hats.

Please note this venue is inaccessible for wheelchair users and people with mobility challenges.

About The Speaker

Nigel Grizzard

Nigel Grizzard is a tour guide and historian with a passion for Bradford and taking visitors around the city. On every tour he leads, he learns new facts from his participants. Nigel was born in London and moved North to work in Bradford more years ago than he cares to remember.