At every moment life is trying to show us the path of meaning, but so many of us have never been taught how to listen and move in greater accord with the paths of our own lives.

Join spiritual author and poet John Siddique for this talk and workshop based on his new book, Signposts of the Spiritual Journey, to explore the signposts that appear in every life, and how regardless of our backgrounds, politics, religions and personal circumstances the path of awareness and love is available to everyone in this very moment.

The talk will be followed by a 90 min experiential workshop in which we will gather in presence to explore your real questions and a meditation practice. We will also look at a set of simple internal tools to help you follow the road of love and meaning in your own sweet life.

Please bring a journal and a pen for this session.


About The Author

John Siddique

John Siddique has dedicated his life to honouring the authentic in our human experience. He is the author of a number of books ranging from poetry and memoir to non-fiction. His teachings and writings have featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Granta, on CNN and the BBC. Signposts of The Spiritual Journey is his eighth book.