‘Tibb’ means ‘medicine’ in Arabic and dates from the early Islamic period (750-1000 CE). It is a living tradition of health that also incorporates elements from China, India, Egypt and classical Greece. This event introduces the audience to Tibb as a holistic paradigm of health for both body and soul, explaining the history and philosophy of Islamic Medicine, as well as its psychological and physiological concepts relating to mental health.

Join Hakim Salim, a Tibb practitioner with 40 years of experience in this field, as he discusses concepts from his book An Introduction To Islamic Medicine, the first of its kind available in the English language, including a theory of causes, diagnostic methods and practices of preventative healthcare.

About The Speaker

Hakim M. Salim Khan

Hakim M. Salim Khan. Authority in Unani-Tibb holistic healthcare, from Mohsin Clinic, Leicester. Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts. He is President of International Register for Consultant Medical Herbalists, Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International, The Guild of Unani-Tibb.