Download the 2017 Quiz now to play along at home! All the documents you need can be accessed via the links below.

Triwizard Quiz Round 1

PDF Audience Quiz Sheet

PDF Quiz Master’s Info


Do you know your Armando Dippet from your Dilys Derwent? Your boomslang skin from your bicorn horn? Now is the time to prove that you really are the biggest Potterhead around at our Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz!

We will cover all areas of the Potter universe from magical creatures to charms and potions, so grab your cleverest friends and hop on your broomsticks to Bradford’s very own Chamber of Secrets for a quiz like no other.

This wickedly difficult wizarding challenge will feature three rounds of tantalisingly tricky questions in our own take on the infamous Triwizard Tournament.

The winning team will take home the Triwizard trophy, claim the title of Triwizard champions and earn the right to come back next year and compete for free to defend their title. 

Eternal glory awaits those who triumph; nobody wants to be a squib!