Ever wondered why you know Pythagoras, but nothing about pensions? How to calculate the circumference of a circle, but nothing about credit? Come along and learn how to make your money grow and to manage finances in the next steps after finishing school. Whether you are planning on getting a job, going on to gain further qualifications, have just finished uni or aren’t really sure what you’re going to do next, join our friendly workshop as we explore the different ways to save, sacrifice, and spend money to help you become a money-savvy adult.

The workshop covers critical topics such as saving, credit, banking, insurance, and budgeting, and will also advise you on the cost of living independently and how to budget for doing so.

The workshop will be led by The Money Charity, a national financial capability charity with a vision for all young people to have the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to effectively manage their money.

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About The Speaker

Cath Stoker

Cath Stoker worked as a consultant for over 39 years with a major high street bank. Majority of that time was spent in “The Retail Bank”, working in branches all over North Manchester looking after the financial needs of customers, as well as in the learning & development department, designing & delivering workshops across the Bank.