We might think women have ‘achieved’ equality, but in actuality, ‘second generation gender bias’—manifest in subtle barriers for women, such as a lack of role models, gendered career paths, and informal power circles—is holding women back from advancement. And sometimes, women are self-imposing those barriers.

Does this occur through conscious or unconscious bias? Are women and organisations aware of “maternal wall bias”, “prove it again bias”, “tight-rope bias” and their impacts?

In this interactive workshop, Smita Tharoor will explore individual and cultural bias that impact women in their working and personal relationships, allowing participants to understand unconscious bias and develop personal strategies to enhance and empower themselves in the workplace.

About The Speaker

Smita Tharoor

Smita Tharoor is the founder of Tharoor Associates, a training, coaching and organisational development company that understands the significance of the unconscious bias. She is a thought leader on the unconscious bias, key note speaker, trainer and coach who appreciates the importance of stories – both personal and corporate- and their role in defining an organisations identity and practices.