Arguably history’s best known polymath, Leonardo da Vinci left us with a bounty of ideas on everything from science, architecture and mathematics to literature, astronomy, and art that are still widely circulated today—not to mention his painting of the world’s most famous enigmatic smile.

Five centuries after his death, how have his ideas, inventions, and legacy been remembered through the ages? Join us as we discuss the universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci, exploring the ways his diverse talents and interests continue to surprise and enlighten us today.

Matthew Landrus, author and Oxford research fellow, joins Martin Clayton, head of prints and drawings for the Royal Collection Trust at Windsor Castle.

About The Host

John Mitchinson

John Mitchinson is the head of research for British television panel game QI. He is co-writer of the QI series of books with the show’s creator John Lloyd. He has also written 1,411 Quite Interesting Facts to Knock You Sideways with John Lloyd and James Harkin. He is cofounder of Unbound, and presents Unbound’s literature podcast Backlisted.

About The Speakers

Martin Clayton

Martin Clayton is Head of Prints and Drawings at Royal Collection Trust, based at Windsor Castle. He has organised many exhibitions of drawings from the Royal Collection at venues across the world, including the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing, currently at the Queen’s Gallery in London.

Matthew Landrus

Dr. Matthew Landrus, Research Fellow at Wolfson College and the History Faculty at the University of Oxford, has published ‘Leonardo da Vinci’s Giant Crossbow’ (Springer 2010), ‘Le Armi e le Macchine da Guerra: il de re Militari di Leonardo’ (DeAgostini 2010), and ‘The Treasures of Leonardo’ (Carlton 2006).