Have you checked your air conditioning vents for bats? Or your sewers for snakes?

After reading Urban Jungle, Vicky Woodgate’s kid-friendly collection of urban maps, you’ll be on the lookout for animals in the most unlikely of places. Woodgate charts the wildlife of cities around the world, peppering each map with surprising facts (did you know wild boars roam the streets of Berlin?) and unbelievable stories, making each city seem like a safari in disguise. Woodgate’s workshop is a can’t-miss for animal lovers, with maps detailing urban wildelife, a show and tell of eggs and feathers, film clips, quizzes, and even a Blue Footed Boobie dance.

About The Author

Vicky Woodgate

Vicky has been an artist for over 20 years. Recently working in children’s book publishing as a writer and illustrator, her first book Urban Jungle came out in 2017 published by Big Picture Press, stemming from a passion for wildlife and travel – its FULL of maps and animals! Her next, A World Of Birds came out in 2018, Dinosaurs will land in 2020!