If you’re interested in learning how to create, launch and maintain a successful video blog, this workshop will help you get started. You’ll look at the tools you need to make great videos and you’ll learn how to turn your passion into video ideas. You’ll also get tips for building an engaged audience who love the same things you do, and who will keep coming back for more videos week after week.

Some of the statistics around the top video bloggers (or ‘vloggers’) are eye-watering, with subscribers views ticking into the tens of millions. It’s a big industry and is only getting bigger. Join this workshop to find out how you can get involved, whether you’re hoping to speak to ten people or ten million. Cameras at the ready…


Charli Marie

Charli Marie is a London-based design lifestyle YouTuber with an audience of over 20,000 people subscribed to her weekly videos about design, style, DIYs and vlogs. She runs her channel alongside her full time job as a graphic and web designer, and loves helping young creatives follow their passions.