When young Floyd loses his ball in the scary valley, he plucks up enough courage to go after it, even though the valley is chock-full of scary things – including the terrifying Bugaboo! 

Choose which twists and turns Floyd’s adventure takes, as award-winning children’s author Sean Taylor calls on you to help him decide. 

This part-performance, part-reading of Where the Bugaboo Lives will have you guiding the action and deciding what creepy creatures Floyd encounters on his quest to reclaim his precious ball – just watch out for that dreaded Bugaboo!

Ages 6 years+

About The Author

Shot of Author Sean Toaylor

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is the award-winning author of over 60 books for young readers and is best known for stories for 3-to-6 year-olds such as Hoot Owl Master of Disguise, How to Be Cooler Than Cool, A Brave Bear and I Want to Be in a Scary Story. As well as publishing books, Sean many years’ experience as an author working in schools, where he encourages children to try their hands at creative writing themselves.