Winnie the Tyrannosaurus rex can’t fall asleep! Even after counting hundreds of sheep and singing endless lullabies, she’s wide-awake at bedtime, insisting that her twin brother Otto help her drift off to dreamland.

What will it take for these prehistoric playmates to finally doze off?

Kids will find out by drawing along with award-winning author and illustrator of the Dinosaur Juniors series, Rob Biddulph, as he reads his books and recounts his path as an artist, writer, and lifelong reader. In this fun, interactive storytelling session, readers will create their own dinosaurs and read along as Winnie the T-Rex tries to catch some z’s.

About The Author

Rob Biddulph

Once upon a time Rob Biddulph was the Art Director of the Observer Magazine but, by night, he made up silly stories for his daughters and drew pictures to go with them. Rob has had nine picture books published and is the official illustrator for World Book Day.