Throughout March 2021, BLF has delivered a series of digital workshops with women from across Bradford from predominantly South Asian, Muslim communities, working in partnership with local community centres and groups. Content for these workshops was developed in consultation with co-ordinators in each of the partner groups, ensuring that the Bradford Inspired project has offered the support and expertise that participants themselves felt they would benefit from the most.

The Women’s Community Workshops have focused on themes of education, literacy, women’s empowerment, civic engagement and mental health and wellbeing, whilst providing access to expert facilitators and speakers and a safe space in which to explore ideas and shared experiences. The aim of these workshops was to inspire those involved, grow confidence and develop practical skills that will in turn enable the participants to share what they have learned with peers in their local community, creating a network of empowered women within areas that are often considered hard-to-reach and have been hard-hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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