Are you a neurodivergent writer who wants to tell the stories of those who often don’t have a voice within society?

This workshop, following on from the Tangents: unlocking the neurodivergent brain event, is led by actor, writer and Manchester-based theatre-maker, Lekhani Chirwa. The workshop will give 12 aspiring neurodivergent writers the chance to learn more about their trade, and also the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with fellow scribes.

Lekhani trained at London South Bank University and Identity Drama School and recently mentored six neurodivergent writers as part of the Tangent project, commissioned by Every Brain. As a writer, she has been commissioned by the BBC, Burn Bright and 45 North.

About The Author

Lekhani Chirwa Headshot

Lekhani Chirwa

Lekhani is an actor, writer and theatre maker based in Manchester. Born in Cumbria and of mixed heritage – Malawian & English. She is a queer, working class and neurodivergent woman. Lekhani trained at London South Bank University and Identity Drama School. She has also completed writing courses such as WoLaboratory, Soho Writers Lab and Soho Comedy Labs. As a writer she has been commissioned to write for the BBC, Burn Bright and 45 North. She is currently on Tamasha Playwrights 21/22 and Pen Pals 21/22 (Box of Tricks). She is passionate about telling stories that reflect those within society that often don’t have a voice.