Set in a nondescript neighbourhood of Lahore, ‘Zinda Bhaag’ follows three friends who are desperate to get on to the fast track to success. Khaldi, Taambi and Chitta, all in their early twenties, believe that the only way out is to the West. Their journey gives us a glimpse of the everyday lives of many young men and women in Pakistan – a sense of entitlement that cannot be fulfilled, desperation to prove themselves and an ennui from which they feel there is no escape.

Join us for a screening of this multi-award winning film, which was Pakistan’s first entry into the Oscars in 50 years and gained a theatrical release in three countries. Afterwards, there’s a chance to put your questions to co-director Meena Gaur.


Meenu Gaur

Meenu Gaur is the co-director of ‘Zinda Bhaag’, which has won 14 national and international awards. Meenu completed her PhD in film and media studies at the University of London in 2010. She is the co-editor of the book ‘Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change’, published by Routledge 2011 and distributed by OUP Pakistan.

Mazhar Zaidi

Journalist and filmmaker Mazhar Zaidi is the producer of ‘Zinda Bhaag’. He worked with the BBC World Service in London for over 11 years, and headed the department of documentaries and current affairs at Pakistan’s leading English language TV channel, Dawn News, from 2008 to 2010. His film, ‘Nar Narman’, has been screened internationally and at the National Film Theatre in London.