What’s that in the sky? It’s the Zooper-signal calling on YOU to find out if you have what it takes to become the next Zooperhero!

Join furry crime-fighters Zip-Zap, Snap-Crack, Zoom-Zoom and the rest of the Zooperhero crew as you KAPOW your way through this highly interactive session that’ll reveal what real heroes get up to in their spare time and what supervillains eat for breakfast.

Hosted by Jem Packer, author of hit kids’ book Zoopertown: X Ray Rabbit, this family-friendly event will also give your pint-sized heroes the chance to help create the next Zooperhero.

About The Author

Headshot of author Jem Packer

Jem Packer

Jem Packer is an award winning children’s author with a background in comedy and cartoon strip writing. His books have appeared in many languages in countries from Brazil to China via Turkey and Estonia and the long running strip he pens – It’s Grim Up North London – can be seen fortnightly in Private Eye. He has also worked in children’s TV, helping transfer his book series, Fleabag Monkeyface to the small screen as a CiTV animated TV show. Jem was lead writer, Associate Producer and wrote many of the 52 episodes.