Schools Events: Bringing The Festival to You

The Bradford Literature Festival has teamed up with local schools right from the start, offering students of all ages (and their teachers) access to some of the most exciting, entertaining writers working right now.

Our schools events lie at the very heart of what we’re trying to achieve with the festival. They’re neither afterthoughts nor add-ons: they are collaborative events designed to share our delight in literature. We’re passionate about literacy of course, but also about fostering a love of and enthusiasm for reading, writing and storytelling that will stay with students throughout their lives.

Our programme is packed with eye-opening possibilities. We have Manga artists, YA novelists, Vloggers, comics writers and more, all happy to share their skills and show students that there’s no one ‘accepted’ form of literature: it all counts. They’ll work with you to create something memorable, free, and requiring minimal effort on your part. We know how packed the school day is, so simply give us a call to discuss ideas, and then we’ll make it happen at a time that suits you.

Here are just a few areas we can explore with you:

Poetry. Let’s shatter a few myths. We have punk poets, political poets, protest poets and romantic poets, all available to you. We can offer workshops on words, performance or the power and playfulness of poetry, led by both local, national and international poetic voices.

Workshops. This year the festival has open workshops on paper cutting, fairytale mashups (it’s a real thing, we promise), writing and even Vlogging. We can arrange to hold one with your class, or multiple classes, throughout the day.

Different subjects. What would you like to explore? Superheroes, science, feminism, the Brontës, philosophy, Shakespeare? We have writers, artists and performers who can tackle whatever topic interests you in fun, interactive ways.

Different cultures. We live in one of the UK’s most multicultural cities and our festival programme reflects that, so we can bring Roma storytelling and woodcraft, Islamic sci-fi, Manga Shakespeare, Russian papercraft and much more into your classroom. It’s a great way of showing students that anyone can and should write, and that their voice is as important as anyone else’s.

The hard questions. They can be on anything from the relevance of Shakespeare to what a feminist is, to the nature of Islam. If it’s being discussed in the festival, we want students to be able to discuss it too.

That’s just a taste of what we can offer. We’ve created the Bradford Literature Festival to serve our entire community and we want to make it as easy as possible for all our local schools to benefit from it. Together, we can share ideas and knowledge, challenge preconceptions and open minds.


What Can We Do For You?

A great example of the kind of event we can put together is Adam Murphy’s ‘Corpse Talk’ day from last year’s schools programme. Adam joined groups of year five students throughout the school day, talking about his wildly successful series but also getting students involved: they learned to draw their own comics, asked questions and suggested future undead guests for Adam to interview.

The result was that his books were ravenously read by all the students, showing them that literature comes in many forms and that there are whole worlds to explore beyond their curriculum: comics, novels, poetry, graphic novels and much more. Adam, naturally, loved it!