Free For Schools and Education Groups in Bradford

The Bradford Literature Festival Schools and Education Programme offers students and young people access to exciting, engaging and entertaining literature-based events and workshops for all ages. The programme is FREE to all non-fee-paying school or education groups in the Bradford District. We offer a range of events suitable for all students from Early Years to Sixth Form.

Our Education Programme is integral to everything we do. We are dedicated to offering all young people the opportunity to engage with life-changing literature. Above all, we believe passionately in the power of words to open minds, raise aspirations and develop students as well-rounded, engaged individuals.

Schools Days

Every year, we host a series of large-scale, showcase-style events at venues such as the University of Bradford and St George’s Hall. Each day-long event follows a curriculum-targeted theme and is aimed at a particular key-stage or age-range. Throughout the day, students will engage in live shows, workshops and performances, featuring inspirational authors, artists, poets, scientists and much more.

The ‘Schools Days’ programme is released annually in Spring. For more information on how to get involved, contact us via the details below.

In-School Workshops

Alongside our ‘Schools Days’ programme, we also offer Bradford schools access to exciting in-school speakers and workshop-facilitators. From authors and poets to artists, activists, theatre-makers, storytellers, scientists and much, much more, we work with schools across the district to enhance in-school learning with high-quality, curriculum-targeted content designed to engage students in new and engaging ways.

Our in-school workshops take place year-round. For more information on how to get involved, contact us via the details below.