Welcome to the Bradford Literature Festival Schools Programme 2022!

Our schools programme welcomes students from Bradford and across West Yorkshire to take part in a series of day-long literary celebrations, each following a particular theme.

Split into activity for both Primary age (5-11) and Secondary age (11-18) children, look out for age-range and key stage guidance, clearly stated at the top of each event listing. Age ranges reflect National Curriculum content, but events may also be enjoyed by older or younger children at teacher/parent/guardian discretion.

Almost all events come with a free downloadable educational resource pack, as well as suggested further activity for children and young people.

Featuring inspirational writers and performers from Bradford and beyond, including everything from talks and readings with your favourite writers to interactive performances and creative workshops, we hope you and your children will have fun learning with our 2022 schools programme.

To book a place for your school please fill out the following relevant forms:

Key stage 1 Programme Booking Form

Key Stage 2 Programme Booking Form

Key Stage 3 Programme Booking Form


Our Primary Schools Programme for 2022 is:

Key Stage 1
Monday 27th – Thursday 30th

Animating and inspiring literature; we will have storytellers right in the centre of Bradford for our youngest readers. Join us for our dedicated storytelling and crafts tents, as we bring books to life!

Key Stage 2
Thursday 23rd June – Friday 1st July

From uncovering the mysteries of Ancient Egypt to celebrating the unsung heroes in our community – our programme is specially chosen to help broaden young minds and inspire them.


I Know a Superhero
Thursday 23rd June
There are superheroes all around us and we all have our very own superpowers too (it’s all about knowing where to look!) Join us as we explore the world of Marvel’s first Pakistani American teen hero – Ms Marvel and celebrate some of the superheroes in our own community.

Rebellious Royals
Monday 27th June
We are inviting you to a right royal knees up! Explore new magical fairy tales and rediscover the lives of historical figures who helped shape the world. We will be looking at some truly extraordinary royals who will make you think twice about what it really means to be a king or queen.

Who was Anne Frank?
Tuesday 28th June
In collaboration with the Anne Frank Trust, we want to introduce the enduring story of Anne Frank with empathy on this day of events. Looking at her harrowing yet inspirational life, we will also explore Bradford’s identity as a place of refuge and hope for those just arriving to the UK.

Can I have a robot butler?
Wednesday 29th June
For the children that ask a 1000 questions every day, we want to give them some answers. From bionics and engineering to physics and Nobel Prize winners – we will look at how we can use STEM to help answer some of the biggest questions. Inspiring the next generation of question answer-ers.

Rhyme with me!
Thursday 30th June
Join us as we celebrate the art of rhyme
We can promise you will have the best time
When we are done
You’d have had so much fun
To miss out would be a crime.

Myths, Mummies & Monsters
Friday 1st July
Let’s take a journey back in time, to when gods and monsters ruled the world. In collaboration with The British Museum, explore how Howard Carter’s team found the mummy of Tutankhamun in a solid gold coffin. We’ll also discover myths & monsters from around the world.


Our Secondary Schools Programme for 2022 is:

Stand Up and Be Counted
Thursday 23rd June
We want to empower all young people to make a difference and give them the tools to realise their own potential. This day will focus on how everyone has the power to make real change through exploring inspirational stories of change-makers, the importance of confidence and the courage of conviction.

What They Don’t Teach You About Shakespeare
Monday 27th June
Take a deep dive into the world of Shakespeare and a critical eye on what you thought you knew. Bringing his work into a modern context through exploring themes from racism to identity politics, we will dissect his language, characters and stories in a way that young adults can relate to.

Who Was Anne Frank?
Tuesday 28th June
In collaboration with the Anne Frank Trust, we want to introduce the enduring story of Anne Frank with empathy on this day of events. We will look at some of the forgotten stories from WWII and create a wider picture of what life was like in Europe during the 1940s.

There is No Planet B
Wednesday 29th June
The climate crisis will be felt by the next generation, so how do they make their voice heard? Join us for a day of climate activism, giving teenagers the tools to make an effective change and understand the impact climate change will have on their futures.

Pushing the Boundaries of Poetry
Thursday 30th June
We present an explosion of poetry and masterful wordplay. Exploring trending social issues and modern commentary for young adults. Expect impassioned, personalised lyrical styling and no shortage of humour and entertainment.

Partition – 75 Years On
Friday 1st July
75 years on from the Partition of South Asia we look at the repercussions that it had, and is still having across the globe. By exploring its intersectional impact between British and world history, we want to highlight the importance of the stories that are being lost over time; and the role they play as a part of our national heritage.