Emyr Afan

Emyr Afan is the CEO of Avanti Media which is celebrating its 25th year in broadcasting this year. The company has production offices in Cardiff and Manchester and employ around 70 staff. Avanti specialises in factual programming, returnable  formats, large events, and long-running returnable series. Emyr has been involved at Producer/Director and Exec level in religious programming for over three decades. He was part of the independent winning bid that secured ‘Songs of Praise’ and has been co- Exec’ing the series for the last 6 years. During this time, he has also produced ‘Sunday Worship’ to keep the doors of the church open for worshippers through the medium of television during lockdown. He has Exec Produced a number of award-winning documentaries such as ‘Jamie Baulch ; Finding My Birth Mother’ (Bafta Best Factual Dosumentary) and C4 Britain’s Billionaire Immigrants (NTA, Best Factual Documentary) Emyr is also a trustee and board member of Sandford St Martin Trust. His grandfather, his father were ministers and his brother also to this day. He often jests that the only way he has managed to avoid the cloth by his mother is by producing Songs of Praise!