Dr Karim Lahham

Dr Karim Lahham is a Barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, London. Karim Lahham has a Masters from the Royal College of Art, read law at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and completed a doctorate in Islamic Studies at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He was called to the London Bar in 1999 as an Inner Temple Major Scholar and continues to practice in the field of commercial law. Karim is also Senior Research Fellow at Tabah Foundation, Cairo. His publications include: The Roman Catholic Church’s Position on Islam After Vatican II (2008); Muhammad Shahrur’s Cargo Cult (2012); Response to Cardinal Scola’s House of Lords Speech (2013); The Intelligibility of the Islamic Tradition in the Context of Modern Thought (2013); The Vocational Society (2014); Gandhi, Islam and the Principles of Non-violence and Attachment to Truth (2016); ‘Being Good’: An Ontological View of Ethics (2017); The Anatomy of Knowledge and the Ontological Necessity of First Principles (2021); and a critical edition of Ibn ‘Arabi’s al-Tanazzulat al-Mawsiliyya (forthcoming).