Sanah Ahsan

Dr Sanah Ahsan is an award-winning poet, clinical psychologist, presenter, and educator. Her work is centred on compassion, troubling our colonial understandings of mental health, and embracing each other’s madness. Her psychological practice is rooted in liberation and community psychology, drawing on therapeutics, poetics, and post-activism as interconnected practices to support racialised and marginalised people. Her published research explores the deconstruction of whiteness within UK clinical psychology.​​

Some of Sanah’s media work includes presenting a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary exploring the over-medicalisation of young people’s distress and giving a TED Talk entitled ‘Rewriting my story with love and poetry as a queer muslim’. Sanah won the Outspoken Poetry Performance Prize and was recently shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and White Review Poetry Prize. Sanah’s poetry has been published in several anthologies. The Guardian described her poetry as “an exhilarating declaration of love and an invocation to bare the soul.”  Sanah is currently writing her debut poetry collection. Follow her work at