Inspiring Women is series of 10 short films focusing on the lives and achievements of inspirational contemporary women of South Asian Muslim heritage. These powerful interviews will explore the lives, achievements and careers of female role-models from a range of backgrounds and industries, from politics to education to sport.

Meet Nabeela Rasul, a senior civil servant. Nabeela describes herself as an ‘accidental civil servant’ after applying for a role in the Home Office after being given an application form by her mum, but she’s never looked back. Throughout her career she’s worked on projects close to her heart, such as the Girl Summit, aimed at ending forced marriage and FGM, and the Great Britain campaign, securing high profile ambassadors for the country. She currently works as Deputy Director of Talent and Leadership in the Department for Food and Rural Affairs, as well as advising on cultural issues and raising cultural awareness within government.

Part of Bradford Inspired, funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together