Born to a Methodist minister in Maryland, Amina Wadud converted to Islam in 1972 while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to gain a PhD in Arabic and Islamic studies, with research specialisms in gender and Quranic studies. 

An outspoken feminist, who has written extensively on women in Islam, Wadud has advocated for religious reform when it comes to gender roles, calling for pluralism and equality in Islamic communities.

Often controversial, Wadud made international headlines in 2005 when she led Friday prayers at a mixed congregation in New York, and has continued to lead prayers at congregations across the world. 

Join us for a bold conversation with Amina Wadud about her fascinating life and work.

About The Author

Shot of amina wadud, against a light blue wall

Dr. Amina Wadud

Professor, Dr. amina wadud chose Islam half a century ago, in1972. She began in earnest her study of Islam and Arabic at the University of Pennsylvania the following year she completed her MA and PhD at University of Michigan in 1988 with a special focus on Qur’an and Gender. She has travelled to more than 60 countries and lived in 6, including Muslim majority contexts in Africa and Asia. As an activist she helped to form pro-faith Muslim women’s NGO’s and as and academic she is an international consultant and resource person globally for progressive inclusive Islam.