A move from the city to the countryside leaves Anna with a new view from her bedroom window: a gnarly old apple tree. At first Anna is disappointed, but soon she grows to love the familiar sight of the tree with its lovely branches and leaves. When she learns that unless the tree grows at least one apple it will have to be chopped down, she starts a campaign to save it.

Follow Anna on her mission to save her beloved tree at this interactive story time, led by author Richard O’Neill. Kids will sing, dance, and laugh, with quizzes and crafts, as they read along to this inspiring story.

About The Author

Richard O’Neill

Richard O’Neill is a multi-award winning children’s author and storyteller from the Romani tradition. Richard’s captivating stories and beautifully illustrated books reflect the oral storytelling tradition and bring together themes of identity, community and ecology, they are inclusive, inspiring – and funny.

About The Speaker

Miranda Smith

Miranda Smith is a graduate of Hereford College of Arts, where she gained a B.A. specializing in illustrating children’s books. She is passionate about drawing and Art and their importance for everyone. She has also worked as a mural artist and greetings card designer.