Just as a bookshop, magazine stand or even an Amazon page can seem baffling and inaccessible at first to would-be authors, so too can the shelves of the comic book store to aspiring writers and artists. If you’ve got a story wriggling in your mind, waiting to be brought to life in graphic detail, how do you make it happen?

This event will help you get started. We’ve assembled some experienced comics professionals to share their expertise: writer and digital publisher Leah Moore, creative director and publisher Corinne Pearlman, and comics authority Paul Gravett will discuss what it takes to get your ideas out there. Ready for maximum effort? Start here!

About The Publishers

Paul Gravett

Acknowledged by the ‘Times’ as “the greatest historian of the comics and graphic novel form in this country”, Paul Gravett is a writer, historian and curator specialising in international comics. He is the author of ‘1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die’ and co-curated the recent exhibition ‘Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics’ at House of Illustration.

Leah Moore

Leah Moore has written comics for the last fourteen years, most recently adapting Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by MR James, and contributing to Femme Magnifique, a feminist anthology edited by Shelly Bond. Sharing script duties with her husband John Reppion, she writes Storm Warning for 2000ad, has a frustrating amount of projects that she cannot yet announce and has a regular column in Comic Heroes magazine.

Corinne Pearlman

Corinne Pearlman is creative director at Brighton-based Myriad, an independent publisher of original graphic novels and literary fiction. As commissioning editor of the graphics list, Corinne oversees the biennial Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition, discovering and nurturing talented creators who often go on to be published and win awards.


Mike McKenny

Mike McKenny is the co-author of ‘The Marvel Studios Phenomenon: Inside a Transmedia Universe’. He lives in Bradford, where he works with children and young people in various capacities. He believes that today’s youth will shape tomorrow’s world, and that today’s popular culture is incredibly important to the development of that youth.

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a senior lecturer in Narrative and Interaction Design at The University of Hertfordshire in England. A prolific and innovative comic creator (including the recent title ‘Necessary Monsters’), he has gained international recognition as a leading expert in the field of experimental digital comics.