Famous for his vibrant use of colour, David Hockney’s works are also suffused with an experimental use of light that has most recently informed his iPad paintings and Westminster Abbey’s Queen’s Window. These two seemingly opposite forms epitomise Hockney’s ever-evolving talent, as now in his ninth decade he embraces ancient processes and new tech, tangible and digital forms, to continue to push his art forward, compelling us to see the world in a new light.

Join the maker of the Queen’s Window, stained-glass artist Helen Whittaker, in conversation with Royal Academy painter and printmaker Mark Hampson, for this illuminating exploration of the techniques and processes Hockney uses to create his unmistakable works and experiments with light.

About The Speakers

Mark Hampson

Artist and educator, Mark Hampson is Head of Fine Art Processes at the Royal Academy Schools. he works with both digital and traditional mediums often in hybrid combination. He exhibits these internationally and regularly collaborates with Apple on iPad Pro drawing classes.


Helen Whittaker

Award-winning artist Helen Whittaker is renowned for her new stained-glass windows and sculpture. Helen’s aim is to engage the viewer through good design and craftsmanship, creating energy and movement intertwining contemporary and traditional elements. She is Creative Director at Barley Studio, York, where she has completed over 100 commissions.