Being diagnosed as neurodivergent in adulthood can help you make sense of the past, but it also sets the challenge of navigating your future world in a new light.

Journalist Sarah Shaffi, whose late autism diagnosis has reshaped the way she works, will be in conversation with panellists Sara Gibbs, comedy writer and author of Drama Queen: One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels, and Rebecca Schiller, author of Earthed.

Listen as they discuss the difficulties they face and share some of the tools they use to get the best out of late-diagnosis life.

About The Speaker

Headshot of Sarah Shaffi

Sarah Shaffi

Sarah Shaffi is a freelance literary journalist and editor. She writes about books for Stylist Magazine online, is books editor at Phoenix, and is editor-at-large at independent publisher Little Tiger Group. She regularly chairs author events, and is co-founder of BAME in Publishing, a networking group for people of colour in publishing.

About The Authors

Headshot of author, Rebecca Schiller

Rebecca Schiller

Rebecca Schiller is an author and journalist. She is co-founder and trustee of the human
rights charity Birthrights and a regular contributor to the Guardian. Rebecca and her
family raise a motley crew of goats, geese, ducks and chickens and work their Kent
smallholding to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers and restore wildlife to the land.

Sara Gibbs