Ertuğrul holds many illustrious titles: founder of the Ottoman Empire, heroic champion for Islam and, most recently, dramatic television phenomenon. Since 2014, the Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul has captured viewers’ attentions and imaginations with its vast historical scope, epic battles that rival those of Game of Thrones, and complicated web of alliances and betrayals.

In this conversation centred on the television show’s ever-growing fandom, Katharine Branning provides an overview of the history and formation of the Ottoman Empire and the time of the Seljuks.

About The Speaker

Katharine Branning

Katharine Branning is the author of a collection of essays on Turkey, ‘Yes, I would love another glass of tea’ and a historical novel, Moon Queen, based on the Seljuk queen Mahperi Hatun. Her latest work, Ink of Light, is a biographical novel of Eva de Vitray, the translator of Mevlana.



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