Written over 90 years ago, Orlando, Virginia Woolf’s satiric romp featuring gender fluidity, sexuality, and class dynamics, remains as relevant as ever. The book seamlessly weaves comic, tragic, historical, and political elements together to create a fictional biography that continues to challenge and engage readers today, even inspiring film, theatrical, and poetic adaptations.

Led by the Virginia Woolf Society’s Sarah M. Hall, this guided reading group will discuss Woolf’s masterpiece, exploring its approaches to issues of sex and gender in ways that were far ahead of its time.

The group is limited to 15 people. Participants are encouraged to read the novel beforehand and bring their own copies of the book to the event if they wish.

About The Speaker

Sarah M Hall

Sarah M. Hall is a writer and editor. She is the author of ‘Before Leonard: The Early Suitors of Virginia Woolf’ and ‘The Bedside, Bathtub and Armchair Companion to Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury’, and is on the Executive Council of the Virginia Woolf Society of GB.