Journalist and BBC Podcast ‘unpopped’ host Hayley Campbell discusses her career and latest book.

All the Living and the Dead is a book fuelled by Hayley’s childhood fascination with death. She talks to the people who make a living from working with the dead from grave diggers to a former executioner responsible for ending 62 lives. Her incisive and candid interviews give us an insight into why someone would choose this kind of life and begs the question, does it change you as a person?

Death is often a taboo subject but if there was anything you wanted to know about the business of death then this is a conversation not to be missed.  As Hayley herself puts it, are we missing something vital by letting death remain hidden?

About The Author

Headshot of Hayley Campbell

Hayley Campbell

Hayley Campbell is an author, broadcaster and journalist. She writes for the
likes of WIRED, Guardian, New Statesman and Empire, and hosts the
Unpopped! podcast for BBC Sounds and the Must Watch podcast on BBC
Radio 5 Live. She was born in England, moved to Australia for twenty years,
and now lives in London.