The narrative strand of post 9/11 events in the popular media can sometimes appear threadbare, lacking substance and glossing over details – we’re simply exposed to the same, accepted version of events from the same points of view.

This event looks to provide new insights, with an expert panel uniquely positioned to tell us other parts of what is, in the end, an infinitely complex story. Colonel (retired) Azam Qadri served with the Pakistani Army before becoming a published author and respected historian. He is now working on a new book about the war on terror and offers a global context on the ongoing events from a Pakistani angle.

Joining him is community leader and activist Gohar Almass Khan MEE, who will talk about the often-overlooked story of Beeston, home of the 7/7 bombers, and how the community found solidarity and pulled together after the attacks in London. Meanwhile, Imran Hussain MP, Shadow Minister of State for International Development, will provide global political perspective. Moderated by Paul Rogers, this is sure to be an important, relevant discussion offering new depth and detail on a pressing global issue.

About The Author

Colonel Azam Qadri

Colonel Azam Qadri has been an author, military biographer and historian for the past decade, after leaving the Pakistan Army. He is currently researching a new book, ‘The War Against Terror’, investigating how the world order changed after 9/11. In the book, he hopes to acknowledge the arduous efforts of those service personnel who have died, and also to enlighten current and future generations and prepare them to overcome the negative effects of terrorism.



Imran Hussain

Imran Hussain is the Member of Parliament for Bradford East and recently assumed the office of Shadow Minister of State for International Development. Born and raised in Bradford, he attended local state funded schools and as a teenager worked sweeping floors and stacking shelves. He was the first in his family to attend university and went on to qualify as a barrister.

Gohar Almass Khan

Gohar Almass Khan MEE is a community leader, activist and philanthropist from Leeds who originates from the north-western Province of Pakistan. He has chaired and volunteered in several community and voluntary organisations and is a regular observer, commentator and sociopolitical analyst on various national and international radio and TV programmes. He is currently writing a book, titled ‘The Rebel Gene’.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University. He trained originally as a biologist, lectured at Imperial College and worked in East Africa on tropical crop research before working on environmental conflicts and joining Peace Studies in 1979. His research is on the changing causes of international conflict, especially in relation to political violence, socio-economic divisions and environmental limits to growth.