All hail King Otter, the story of an adorable otter who comes across a treasure chest filled with fancy clothes and a crown and declares himself king, ruler of his riverside realm. The humble marine mammal quickly gets too big for his boots, ordering his loyal subjects to throw him the biggest, grandest parade in history.

What happens when they don’t meet his demands, bringing about a royal disaster?

Find out at this playful story time with author Jane Porter, author of Pink Lion and illustrator of Wings. Kids will be delighted by this fabulous tale of confidence, humility, and the importance of friendship.

About The Author

Jane Porter

Jane Porter is a London-based illustrator and writer. She is the winner of The London Book Fair Illustration Prize and has illustrated for a variety of publishers and organisations including Kensington Palace and The National Trust. Jane’s first picture book, Pink Lionwas published and illustrated by Jane herself in 2017 followed by many others including her most recent book, King Otter.