A troubled, sword-toting hero, tormented by the ghost of his father. A warrior brooding on honour and ambition. An ageing wizard sensing the advance of time and the dwindling of his powers. Young lovers defying their families and their rival gangs to be together. Swordfights, battles, madness. It’s as if Shakespeare had Manga on his mind from the start.

Self Made Hero’s acclaimed Manga Shakespeare series takes the Bard’s greatest works, including Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, and Romeo and Juliet and renders them in classic Manga fashion. The strange futurism, angles and sharpness are there, but so is all the glorious light and shade of the plays themselves, the characters brought into sharp focus (and dressed as hyperkinetic neo-samurai, of course) for new readers and existing fans to discover.

Emma Vieceli (‘Manga Hamlet’ and ‘Much Ado About Nothing’), and Chie Kutsawada (‘Manga As You Like It’) are two of the artists behind some of these extraordinary comics. Come and hear them talk about how they did it, and find out if, in the far reaches of deadline night, they were ever heard to mutter “O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right”.

About The Artists

Chie Kutsuwada

Chie Kutsuwada is a Brighton-based Japanese Manga artist. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, she’s been creating work that’s often very delicate and romantic in style. She’s also passionate about sharing her love of Manga by running workshops at several museums and schools.

Inko Ai Takita-Lucas

Inko Ai Takita-Lucas is a UK-based Japanese Manga artist. Her works often imply crossovers between traditional Eastern and Western cultures. She graduated from Kyoto Zokei University of Art & Design in Japan, and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, then kicked off her career in late 2008.



Paul Gravett

Acknowledged by the ‘Times’ as “the greatest historian of the comics and graphic novel form in this country”, Paul Gravett is a writer, historian and curator specialising in international comics. He is the author of ‘1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die’ and co-curated the recent exhibition ‘Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics’ at House of Illustration.