Bring an inquisitive mind to this women-only event, offering the opportunity to seek advice on Islamic matters from an experienced female scholar.

Islamic scholar and lawyer Ifra Kauser will respond to a selection of questions, submitted anonymously, covering the most common and popular themes.

Questions from women only must be submitted in advance to by Friday 18th June.

About The Speaker

Ifra Kauser

Ifra Kauser is law graduate from the university of Bradford and a practicing solicitor by profession. She is lifelong member of Minhaj-ul-Qur’an International which has a network in more than 90 countries throughout the world. Ifra completed her Alimah Course over a period of ten years at the hands of Shaykh Muhammad Afzal Saeedi, currently the Director of Madinat al Zahra, Bradford. As a public speaker, Ifra has delivered talks throughout the UK on various religious and secular topics and has previously delivered workshops for BLF.

About The Chair

Irna Qureshi

Irna is an ethnographer and writer, often using oral testimony to build narratives linking personal stories to broader social themes. She has curated several exhibitions and published books about the development of Britain’s South Asian diaspora heritage, including The Grand Trunk Road: From Delhi to the Khyber Pass.