Recommended for Key Stages 2 and 3 (ages 9+)

Mya-Rose Craig is a young conservationist. Mya-Rose has set up her own charity Black2Nature where she encourages people of colour to become involved with the environment. In this inspiring film, Mya-Rose discusses her book We Have a Dream and some of the amazing young people who are making a difference to the climate the world over, encouraging young people to speak out and make their voices heard.

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If you have enjoyed this film, why not try these activities:

  • Watch this video about Climate Change from the Young People’s Trust for the Environment.
  • Watch this video from Ecoschools to explore the sorts of project we can do to help climate change
    • Create a poster about one of the projects to encourage other people to make a change.  You might like to think about
      • A catchy title
      • A slogan to help get your message across
      • A great image or photo
  • Find out more about Climate Change using the Young People’s Trust for the Environment’s fact sheets.