The digital age has brought a wealth of new tools and techniques to artists.

In this three-hour workshop, participants will learn how to harness these latest innovations for their own work. Led by the head of material processes at the Royal Academy of Art, Mark Hampson, this specialist workshop focuses on drawing and sketching using iPencil technology for Procreate. Learn how to build layered, multi-coloured compositions using the full toolbox of painting and drawing potentials, inspired by David Hockney’s recent digital-made portraits and still-lifes.

Attendees must bring their own Apple iPad and iPencils and must download the Procreate app in advance.

About The Artist

Mark Hampson

Artist and educator, Mark Hampson is Head of Fine Art Processes at the Royal Academy Schools. he works with both digital and traditional mediums often in hybrid combination. He exhibits these internationally and regularly collaborates with Apple on iPad Pro drawing classes.