Would an armadillo make a good pet? What about a flamingo or a zebra?

Elli Woollard makes a case for each animal in her illustrated poetry book for kids, Perfectly Peculiar Pets.

This collection of hilarious rhymes with quirky illustrations spotlights exotic animals, some cute, some gruesome, and each one endlessly fascinating. Whether you prefer small, furry creatures that love to cuddle, or giant, galloping beasts the size of your house, there’s sure to be a pet poem for every child and adult alike. Kids can join Woollard for a fun, interactive story time, featuring games, DIY animal puppets, and crafts.

About The Author

Elli Woollard

The writer of several picture books – some humorous and silly, others entirely sensible – Elli lives in London with her husband, four children and a mad cat. Perfectly Peculiar Pets is her first poetry collection.