Qasida al-Burda (hymn of the mantle) is a poem that was composed by poet, scholar and spiritual master Imam al-Busiri in the 11th century. It has been a mainstay of Muslim choral tradition across the globe.

The Burda (as it’s often called) is the quintessence of devotional praise and expression of love for Prophet Muhammad. Traditionally it has been memorised and recited in gatherings, adapted uniquely in tune and rhythm to the different cultures that sing it in gatherings – often special occasions of celebration and healing for the sick. The poem has been translated into more than 13 languages, has had over 90 commentaries written on it, and is thus known to be one of the most recited poems in the world.

Though it was originally written in Arabic, Ustadha Siddiqa Sarwar will takes us through its 10 chapters in English and Urdu translations as well as Arabic in an uplifting gathering for women.

Please note, this event is for women only.

About The Performer

Ustadha Siddiqa Sarwar

Ustadha Siddiqa studied at Qasid Institute, Jordan. She continued her education in Damascus studying fiqh, aqida, hadith and tasawwuf with numerous scholars including Adnan Darwish and Shaykh Abdurrahman Arjan. She studied tajwid with the renowned Qari and Munshid Shaykh Salah al-Kurdi. During her time in the Middle East, she also studied traditional qasa’id and the maqams of inshad. She has been singing and drumming for the past 15 years and is the leading teacher at Sacred Rhythm, teaching ladies and children this traditional art. She currently lives in West Yorkshire.

About The Host

Zanab Jabbar

Zanab Jabbar, graduated in LLB Law Honours and thereafter a postgraduate in Law and embarked on a career in the legal profession for over a decade. Retiring as an associate solicitor in 2015, and qualifying as a lecturer in further and higher education, she now lectures at Bradford College and is currently reading a Masters in Education Management and writing a thesis on the impact of spirituality and mindfulness in education. Zanab has an immense passion for Islamic literature, spirituality and has thus travelled extensively across the world to deepen her understanding in this regard. Zanab currently heads The Grassroots Initiative, a voluntary community organisation facilitating community cohesion and sisterhood in West Yorkshire.