The legacy of the Nazi regime is powerful, and both war guilt and victims’ pain continue to resonate across the generations. In this extraordinary event, we meet three people with very different familial histories of the Second World War.

Noemie Lopian’s father Ernst Bornstein wrote The Long Night based on his life in the concentration camps; Derek Niemann recently discovered that his grandfather was an SS Officer in charge at the camps and relates the story in A Nazi in the Family; and Nicolas Young tells of his father’s war in Escaping With His Life: D-Day and Beyond.

These powerful testimonies offer a unique insight into the horrors of WW2, and our complex modern relationship with this relatively recent history.

About The Authors

Noemie Lopian

Noemie is the daughter of Ernst Bornstein, author of The Long Night, which reads like a reportage of his time in 7 concentration and slave labour camps. Noemie speaks to a variety of audiences, challenging them as to why and how the Holocaust is relevant today and to never be forgotten.

Derek Niemann

Derek Niemann is a nature writer, country diary columnist for the Guardian, and teacher of creative writing for Cambridge University. He is the author of wildlife books for children and three non-fiction books including A Nazi in the Family, the dark story of the SS grandfather he never knew.



Sir Nick Young

Sir Nick Young was Chief Executive of the Red Cross in the UK, and Macmillan Cancer Support, and was knighted for services to cancer care in 2000. He is now a charity trustee, adviser and consultant, and lives with his wife in Suffolk. They have three sons.