Sufism, or tasawwuf, is the mystical tradition within orthodox Islam regarded by many to be the spirit that animates the body of religious practice. The importance of the Sufi way lies in its ability to speak to the heart of the believer and illuminate the foundations of faith in an increasingly bewildering world.

Join us for the launch of an important new work on Sufism by H.A. Hellyer: a book of practical Sufism offering a much-needed insiders’ look at the history and practices of this path, as well as articulating the continuing relevance of the time-honoured traditions of Sufism for today’s communities.

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Abdul Aziz Ahmed

Abdul Aziz Ahmed was born in Nottingham and worked as a teacher, School Principal and educational consultant in various countries including U.K., US and South Africa. He has written, translated a number of works on Islam, education and social justice inclusion. He is currently an Improvement Officer in Scotland.