Hina Nasrullah’s languid, mellifluous voice will send souls soaring as she sings Sufiana Kalam, the devotional music of the Sufis. Its meaning transcends mere words and attains a mystic potency designed to offer spiritual guidance and solace, taking the listener on their journey through love, life and faith. Oral transmission of these glorious poems, traditionally sung or recited at shrines or in homes during religious gatherings, has long been part of the Indian sub-continent’s culture and the form remains an integral part of the idioms and proverbs of the Punjabi language.

Join us for a unique evening of music and mysticism, in a setting which will resemble that of a traditional haveli (stately home) courtyard where such an event would originally have taken place, and immerse yourself in the melodious magic of Hina Nasrullah’s voice.



About The Musician

Hina Nasrullah

Born in Lahore, Hina Nasrullah has been singing since childhood. Join her for a journey into the heart of Sufi music and an evening of enchanting, transporting song.