What goes on at the supermarket after dark? Crime and mischief, apparently!

Thankfully we have Supertato, a justice-wielding, cape-wearing potato, who keeps the peace in the aisles when no one is looking. In this all-new, singing-and-prancing show, Supertato and his old gang are back and this time they are joined by a new friend, Cake.

Find out more about their fun-filled adventure in this mad-capped interactive performance with author and illustrator duo Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Kids will howl will laughter and likely go home happy to eat their veggies with gusto.

About The Author

Paul Linnet with Sue Hendra

Sue Hendra graduated from the University of Brighton in 1994 and has been working as an illustrator of children’s books since then. With Paul Linnet, she is the author/illustrator of the hugely successful Barry the Fish with Fingers and Supertato, among others. They live in Brighton.