Ahmed Moustafa’s pioneering work, The Cosmic Script, sees the world-renowned artist, author and scholar reveal how the ancient origins of written Arabic have influenced the entire artistic tradition of Islam. 


In this two hour illustrated talk, Moustafa will explain how the geometric theory of Ibn Muqla, a ninth-century vizier and scribe, was instrumental in the formation of naskh, a cursive Arabic script used around the world to this day, and how Muqla’s penmanship is responsible for the unique visual harmony between Islamic script, art and architecture.


This talk is one surely not to miss out on for those who are interested in the formation and influence of the Arabic script.

About The Host

Ahmed Moustafa

Ahmed Moustafa is an acclaimed artist and scholar in the art of Islam. He is also conversant with Western art which he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria, Egypt. Numerous works of his have been acquired by major museums and private collections worldwide.