Are you ready for an adventure? Pack your bag, bring your map and binoculars and join Alex as she takes you on an epic journey that will see you write your very own adventure. In Alex’s colourful debut The Sky Beneath The Stone, her hero Ivy must venture into the fairy realm underneath the mountains to save her brother who’s been magically transformed into a kestrel. 

In this magical workshop Alex, who  is a veterinary nurse as well as a writer extraordinaire,  will show you how to design and create your very own magical map that will lead you into a world of your own, and share her expert knowledge on birds. And you will even be treated to a reading from her new book.

Ages 7 years+

About The Author

Headshot of Author Alex Mullarky

Alex Mullarky

Travel with author Alex Mullarky to the magical realm beneath your feet. In Alex’s debut book, The Sky Beneath the Stone, Ivy must voyage into a fairy realm under the mountains to retrieve her brother, who has been transformed into a kestrel. In this session you will hear Alex read from the book, learn all about birds, make your own magical map and use it to plan and write your own adventure!”