Unconscious bias is woven throughout our everyday lives – from our careers to the people we meet day to day. Identifying these biases can be hard and their subtleties can be intricate. Many of us wouldn’t even be able to recognise that we have fallen victim to it at all. 

We may think we have ‘achieved’ equality (as if it’s something to be earned) but, in actuality, gendered career paths, informal power circles and lack of role models are holding many of us back. 

Smita Tharoor is the founder of Tharoor Associates, a coaching company focused on the importance of understanding unconscious bias. She will help unpack the ways in which this all-too-common issue impacts our everyday lives, and equip you with a practical toolkit on how we can kick this damaging habit once and for all.

About The Author

Smita Tharoor

Smita Tharoor is the founder of Tharoor Associates, a training, coaching and organisational development company that understands the significance of the unconscious bias. She is a thought leader on the unconscious bias, key note speaker, trainer and coach who appreciates the importance of stories – both personal and corporate- and their role in defining an organisations identity and practices.