We all know that Superman can fly and Spider-Man can spin webs, but how exactly do they do it? During this session, you’ll learn what makes the mighty tick before getting the chance to leave your secret identity behind and flex your own super powers for all to see!

Led by the co-authors behind Unmasked: The Science of Superheroes, Dr Sarita Robinson and Dr Cat Tennick, this event will super-charge your brain with enough knowledge about the psychology and biology of your favourite heroes to keep any evil arch-villain at bay. 

 Ages 7 years+

About The Author

Artist drawing of authors as superheroes

Unmasked: The Science of Superheroes

Unmasked – The Science of Superheroes” reveals the scientific realities behind famous comic book legends and blockbusting movie icons. The book draws on Computing, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Psychology to explore the world of superheroes like never before.

The UCLan-assembled superpowered team consists of Professor Robert Walsh alongside Dr Sarita Robinson, Principal Lecturer Nicky Danino, Dr. Catherine Tennick, Dr Sylvy Anscombe, Dr Matthew Dickinson and Senior Demonstrator Adam Wilcox.