Islamic tradition values knowledge on a spiritual level and since the religion’s formative years scholarly women have enjoyed high public standing and authority within society, teaching hadith classes, interpreting the Qur’an, and attending the most prestigious mosques and madrasas across the world.

These well-travelled and highly prolific women from across history were commemorated in a 40-volume biographical dictionary, compiling over 1,400 years of class registers, ijazahs, testimonies, and maps.

Join us with Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi who has adapted this extensive and necessary dictionary into a prefatory volume in English celebrating the integral and too often overlooked role women have played in Islamic intellectualism

About The Speaker

Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, one of the leading Islamic scholars in the world today, is most reputed for his ground-breaking research on the female Hadith scholars of Islam, which resulted in a 57-volume work. He regularly travels around the country (and the world) to teach on a range of subjects and is currently the Dean of Cambridge Islamic College.

About The Host

Tasneem Chopra

Tasneem Chopra is a Cross-cultural Consultant, Board Director and Anti-Racism Champion for the Australian Human Rights Commission. A published author, Tasneem has featured in The Times, The Australian as well as BBC’s IQ2 Debates (she won!), whilst being a regular commentator in Australia for ABC’s The Drum and Radio Melbourne’s News Therapy.